Komondor - Joy C. Levy & Carol Ann Johnson


By Joy C. Levy & Carol Ann Johnson

  • Release Date: 2012-09-18
  • Genre: Pets


An impressive solid white dog covered by a mass of heavy cords, the Komondor is a courageous flock guardian breed of the Magyar herdsmen, whose ancestry goes back a millennium. The Komondor's principal role was to protect flocks of large animals on the open plains of Hungary: this vigilant giant canine was a solo act, relying only upon his own instincts and decision-making ability to guard his charges. As the appellation "King of Hungarian Sheepdogs" implies, the breed's great size and imposing musculature command respect, and he is loyal, dignified and ever faithful to his kingdom and those within it. The Komondor's skills as a livestock protector combined with his natural intelligence and guardian instincts translate into a superb watchdog for family and home.Author Joy Levy's experience in the breed traces back over three decades; in this Special Rare-Breed Edition she puts forth her unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the Komondor. Along with her late husband Marion J. Levy, Jr., she imported the first Group- and Best in Show-winning Komondor in 1967, bred many top dogs and served as a member of the Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club and the Komondor Club of America.Included here is a complete history of the breed in Europe and the United States as well as an insightful chapter on the breed's characteristics and personality. Additionally, this volume presents many classic and brand-new photographs of the breed and information on the breed standard, puppy acquisition and rearing, everyday care, training, healthcare, showing and much more.